EpXylon The Engineer's Polymer™

EpXylon is the most advanced range of polymer-based formulations developed to repair, restore, rebuild and reclaim industrial equipment and machinery. Innovative applications also help engineers and mechanics in property / facilities management, offshore operations, marine, etc.


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Product Name Product Description

EpXylon 9001 Primer

provides maximum adhesion for EpXylon Elasthanes. It is required to prime metal substrates for the application of EpXylon Elasthanes. EpXylon 9001 has to be used together with EpXylon 9002 Primer for priming metal substrates exposed to or immersed in water.

EpXylon 9002 Primer

ideally primes most substrates other than metal, e.g. concrete, rubber, wood, fiberglass and cured Elasthane surfaces. It is designed as a reinforced layer after applying EpXylon 9001 Primer for applications on metal substrates exposed or immersed in water.

EpXylon 9102 ‘Quick-Fix’ Putty

a steel filled polymer putty for quick and dependable emergency repairs of damaged equipment and machinery.

EpXylon 9104 Titanium Reinforced Putty

a strong titanium reinforced polymer putty for precision repairs of stress-strained equipment and machinery.

EpXylon 9105 Exothermic Putty for Wet / Immersed Conditions

a high exothermic polymer putty for easy repairs in wet / immersed environments.

EpXylon 9201 ‘Wear Tuff’ Brush-on

a high density, ceramic filled, brushable polymer liquid that provides a coating to seal and protect surfaces from cavitation pitting, erosion and wear.

EpXylon 9202 ‘Wear-Tuff’ Putty

a wear protective ceramic filled polymer putty that provides a wear resistant coating on metal surfaces.

EpXylon 9301 Elasthane Brushable

is an excellent elastic repair and coating solution with enhanced anti-wear, anti-abrasion, noise & impact reduction properties. It is based on EpXylon’s advanced polyurethane technology designed as the most user-friendly brush-on liquid to repair conveyor belts and equipment linings, etc.

EpXylon 9302 Elasthane Putty

provides maximum protection against wear due to abrasion and impact. It helps to salvage damaged rubber parts, repair worn rubber surfaces and gouges in the most aggressive environments.

EpXylon 9521 Super Hi-Temp Silicone Sealant

is formulated with RTV (Room Temperature Vulcanizing) silicone that is free from corrosive acid and unpleasant odor.